Who is Giveaway Rae?

I started entering giveaways for our Relay for Life team, Raven's Rascals. I figured anything I won I could use to raise money at our RFL event. 2011 Relay for Life was the 1st event we tried it for and it was a rousing success! I had a lot of great items from great people! Most of the people I've won from have been super wonderful and very professional. And have I mentioned generous? Quite a few, upon finding what their items were going for, sent even more! 

I also enter giveaways for items that I just want and find cool! I've won a pair of pirate knee high socks that I just couldn't part with as they're perfect for our annual pirate day! Most of the hair pretties that have come through my 5yo girlie girl daughter has claimed. A few dresses she's also claimed. So, while most of the items I win go for our fundraising purposes, I do keep the odd one now and again! :o)

Anyway, the finding and entering of the giveaways has become a part time job now (good thing I am a SAHM!) and could actually be a full time job if I wasn't also fundraising for RFL in other ways like etsy, trying to keep the house and 4 kids running smoothly and pursuing my other hobbies. 

While I don't have the time to link and post all the giveaways I enter on the blog, I do tweet every one. I also put the buttons of other blogs that I regularly enter giveaways on and links to bigger giveaway events. Hope all of this information helps you, too!